Happy Halloween

I love Halloween!

I’m not sure why, I just love the idea of chilling out in the dark with a pumpkin lit after giving out sweets to the trick-or-treating monsters with a classic horror film such as Halloween or Friday the 13th.

I never go out or dress-up, though, I prefer to stay home and hibernate in complete darkness with my horror films and munchies. I’m a bit of a big kid, actually, and can’t wait for my little son or daughter to come along so I can take them out trick-or-treating. That will be brilliant – so brilliant.

Google’s Halloween Easter Eggs

Google never fail to stand out, and today was no different with their Easter Eggs.

If you haven’t seen them yet, Google used the power of their Knowledge Graph to display fun carousels at the side of their results when searching for keywords such as Ghost, Werewolf, Witch and a few others.

Each Halloween baddie had the usual snippet you’d expect to find from Wikipedia with added information on what they eat, how to avoid them and how to defeat them. Google always do cool shit.

Bing’s Interactive Haunted House

Bing went head-to-head with Google to compete for awesomeness – they may have won it for me.

Microsoft’s Bing turned their homepage into an awesome interactive haunted house complete with sounds and clues for some of the best horror films of all-time, including Halloween, Psycho and Poltergeist.

The sounds are REALLY creepy and you can click different parts of the house to see the scene clues for each of the hidden horror classics, all of which will always be a part of my horror film favourites.

Quick JV Update

Just a quick update on my first joint venture which I started on Monday 28th October.

Things are going really well at the moment and traffic is increasing steadily by the day. Unfortunately, the site is still quite thin with regards to content, but that’s now growing by the day thanks to Shaun’s efforts.

I still believe we will reach 10,000 unique visitors a day within 3-6 months, which is the traffic target we have set to achieve before we will consider monetising the website. Most of our traffic is currently arriving via social channels, which is quite positive, but we definitely need organic search involved soon.

That’s all for now – hope you all had a great Halloween!