Ever since I first started creating and marketing websites, I have been eager to start a JV (joint venture) with somebody with skills that would compliment my own so that I could focus on what I’m great at instead of wasting energy on things that could be done better. Thankfully, it has finally happened and I am very confident in the future of this JV and positive it will be a success in 3-6 months.

I recently partnered with a guy called Shaun from Nottingham who is a superb writer and we have launched a website together which I’m sure will be a huge success given the combined talents of both myself and Shaun. He will be writing 2-3 articles a day and I will be driving traffic to the website with SEO and Social.

Here are our results so far (currently updating daily):

Launch Day – 44 UV / 162 PV
Day 2 – 167 UV / 249 PV
Day 3 – 365 UV / 543 PV
Day 4 – 474 UV / 710 PV

The pageviews and bounce rate aren’t too impressive yet but that’s because the website is still thin, content-wise, and we still have many on-site changes to make with regards to usability.

We have decided that we will not be monetising the website at all until we reach 10,000 UV a day.

Our biggest competitor has over 3,000 articles and gets over 8 MILLION unique visitors and 18 MILLION pageviews a month. We will be aiming to better their content and topple them, eventually.

The website is focused on high quality, knowledge-rich and fun content that provides both value and humour to the visitor. Not only that, most posts are well over 1,000 words and contain many images which make for great reading and sharing – at least that’s what we’re hoping anyway.

I’m still interested in more Joint Ventures so get in touch if you have an idea.