Google have announced a new feature called Security Issues for their Webmaster Tools service which will make it easier for webmasters to recover from being Hacked and plagued with Malware.

This new feature will enable webmasters to:

  1. Find more information about the security issues on your site, in one place.
  2. Pinpoint the problem faster with detailed code snippets.
  3. Request review for all issues in one go through the new simpified process.

From Malware to Security Issues

This isn’t an entirely new feature, though. Google’s Webmaster Tools has had a Malware feature for quite some time now, but it has never been this extensive or helpful. This new Security Issues feature will bring everything together and make it easier to identify the problems on your website with code snippets, sample URLs and the date in which the issue was detected by Google.

You can then set about rectifying the issues by following and actioning the reported problems by Google, which you can see shown in the screenshot below. It’s much more helpful than before.

Malware and Hacks in One Place

Problematic issues including Hacked with spam and Malware are now reported in one place along with samples of injected code or spam (if applicable), sample URLs (again, if applicable) and the date the issue was last detected on your website. This is everything you need in order to fix the problems.

Google Security Issues

Review Request Made Easier

Requesting a review from Google after cleaning up your website has also been much easier and you don’t need to do each one separately, which makes things much quicker. Instead, you can post them all for review at the same time after ticking a box confirming that you have fixed the reported issues.

What do you think of this new feature? Let me know in the comments below.