Bing are at it again, trying to convince the world of its superiority over Google.

Earlier today, I read a post over at Search Engine Land about Bing directly invading search results for the term [google] with the message “Will Bing beat Google?” sitting right next to the search box, attempting to persuade you not to visit Google even though the person searching is clearly trying to get to Google.

I decided to head over to Bing to check it out for myself and discovered something a little different…

Bing it On

It may be a case of geographical difference playing a part, but I didn’t see the message when I searched Bing for [google] like the the guys over at Search Engine Land did. Instead, I got a fairly invasive bar at the top of my screen with the following message:

“In blind tests, using the UK’s top searches, more people picked Bing than Google. See for yourself.”

If you click “take the challenge” you’ll be taken to Bing it On – a challenge that puts Google and Bing to the test in side-by-side results from which you will be asked which results are most relevant and of higher quality.

This is a very annoying and desperate attempt by Bing to steal some minuscule traffic from Google.

Bing vs. Reality

I don’t think Bing have a direct understanding of reality – I almost feel bad for them.

Google has 67% of the search market and is, without doubt, the best search engine on planet earth and this isn’t going to change. Not in a million years, in my opinion, because Google are so ahead of the game.

Microsoft need to stick to Software and leave Search in the hands of the master. Competition is good, but don’t take the gloves off with silly stunts like this because they’re just asking for a good old schoolyard ass whooping by the biggest, baddest and most feared guy in the yard. Don’t do it Bing!

Laughing Kid