I just opened a new tab in Chrome where I was presented with a personalised Happy Birthday doodle from Google, which is pretty sweet and actually reminded me that I am 26 today…

Thanks Google, you’ve successfully led me to depression!

Just kidding, I still feel 12-years-old and probably look a similar age when I have had a shave. This only serves me well as I continue to age, though, as men usually grow more handsome as they get older – this according to my girlfriend who has a bit of a thing for Gerard Butler… I sure hope she is right.

Happy 26th Birthday Marty

Is 26 actually old?

I don’t think it is, but I do think it makes me feel old because of the fact that it’s on the other side of 25, closer to that big 30. It’s a little scary when I think I could have potentially lived half of my life already and, as I have hereditary high cholesterol, it seems even more probable that I actually have lived half of it.

It’s strange because when I look at people in their 40s, I think that’s pretty young and yet here I am at 26 worrying about being on the dark side of 25. I suppose it’s all relative, though.

What have I done?

This isn’t something that worries me so much as my achievements in life do.

I’ve been to Canada, Switzerland, France, Italy, Spain, Cyprus, Monaco and many other places. I have flown to France for a night when I’ve been bored, bought a £6,400 Rolex for fun and many other stupid things.

Those sorts of things don’t do it for me anymore, though, because they don’t mean much more than being silly little time-fillers. I’m more about my future family now and providing them with everything they need and want in life, and my dream is to to one day to be able to help others through my successes to come.

What have I achieved?

Nothing, really, and that’s the thing that gets to me more than anything else.

I’ve made plenty of money working online since leaving College, but I have ALWAYS half-assed it in a way you will never understand. Both my brother and I could have been very comfortable by now if we hadn’t been so irresponsible and lackadaisical in our working ways. We’ve never taken advantage of momentum.

Luckily, regardless of my worries of getting old, I am still young and do have plenty of time ahead of me to achieve everything that I want to achieve. I’m very confident that I will do so, too.

What is next?

Right now, I am focused on bettering myself at Epic New Media and hoping to assist them in growing their business online, something I am confident in and excited about. It’s a brilliant company!

I’m also going to continue with the Joint Venture I currently have going on as well as a couple of my own projects that keep me busy in the evenings and on weekends outside of work.

I would love to become a little healthier and fitter, but I’m not committing to that today! haha

Family is Everything

Without family, what is the point? We leave nothing but our children on this planet when we die.

My girlfriend and I lost Pixie, our Daughter, in January of this year after a knot in the cord at 38 weeks caused us to lose her without warning. We had to go through labour and welcome a stillborn baby to the world, which was the most tragic day of both of our lives. We got through it together, though, we’re strong.

You can read my girlfriend’s story about our loss, Pixie’s Story, here.

January 2014 – Poppy Rogers or Marty Rogers

My girlfriend and I will be having another little boy or girl in January 2014. My girlfriend’s due date was in February but she’ll be getting induced early because of what happened to us last time.

We chose not to find out the sex, but we do have names ready for either sex:

  1. Boy: Marty Rogers
  2. Girl: Poppy Rogers

I’m very excited about meeting my little Marty or Poppy and can’t wait for us to be the family we should have been in January of this year. I know our little Pixie is being looked after by my sister and aunt up there or wherever it is that the beautiful angels we lost come together and watch over us.

Birthday Plans

I think now is a great time to shut this post down.

I’m a very positive and happy person by nature so this post has been a little strange for me to write, and even stranger for me to post. Regardless, I hope it made for an interesting read for you.

My girlfriend and I are going to head out to Beefeater Grill at some point today to grab some food as it’s my favourite place to eat at the moment. I love their Smoked Paprika Chicken Skewers and Rack of Ribs with BBQ Sauce – simply delicious, and we usually share the Profiteroles for Dessert. Yummy!

Over and Out

Apologies for the rather long and pointless post – I do feel a little better after writing it, though.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday! :)