Google have launched a brand new service called Helpouts which they say will connect users to experts in any field at a cost-per-minute or cost-per-helpout basis in live one-on-one video calls.

“Real help from real people in real time” is the chosen strapline for Helpouts.

Over 1,000 brands are thought to have already signed up to the service.

Share what you know by giving Helpouts

If you’re an ‘expert’ in any field, you can give Helpouts to those who require your expertise.

You can charge what you like on a cost-per-minute or cost-per-helpout basis. Google will collect 20% of what service providers charge consumers, although this will be waived in the “Health” category at launch.

At the moment, Google are vetting every provider who signs up so it is not yet known how they are going to scale this up moving forward. They will also be doing full background checks for anybody looking to give Medical Consultations and similar, which is great considering the potential consequences.

Immediate and Global Reach

As you would expect with any Google service, giving a Helpout will instantly give you access to customers who need you and your knowledge all over the world with absolutely no restrictions or barriers.

This is a huge opportunity for everyone. Google get billions of visitors a month to their sites and you can bet your last british pound on Helpouts being a huge success just like most other Google products and services – this is good for those seeking knowledge and those offering it.

Convenient and Flexible

There are no pressures when you sign up to give Helpouts. You can choose your own schedule and give Helpouts at home or on-the-go, on your computer or your mobile device – whatever suits YOU.

Where else do you get a deal and opportunity like this? Your own website that receives 10 visitors a month if you’re lucky? No, the answer is nowhere. If another company was going to provide a similar service to this, it’s highly likely that you’d be required to be online between set times and days with no freedom.

Get Paid for Helping

Set your own rates and get paid for each Helpout via Google Wallet. It couldn’t be easier.

If you have an abundance of knowledge, no matter the industry or niche, don’t keep it locked away – allow those with questions and a desire to learn to pick your brain and get paid for doing so from the comfort of your own home, and with the freedom and flexibility that you deserve.

Quick Answers or New Skills

“Help might be a quick answer to a problem you’re having right now, like how to fix your garage door, or how to remove a computer virus; or it might be guidance completing a project, like building a deck. It might be learning a new skill, like how to speak conversational French or how to draw cartoons; or it might be general advice on how to improve your fitness or your writing.” said Udi Manber, Vice President of Engineering at Google in a recent blog post announcing the launch of Google’s new Helpouts.

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