Have you heard of Happier yet? It’s an interesting concept, actually.

The idea is that you use the platform as a place for spreading and receiving happiness by sharing the happy moments of your life in pictures. They can be shared with friends on Happier, Facebook and Twitter.

Happier, Healthier, Less Stressed

I’m not sure how I feel about the site yet but the idea behind it is obviously a nice one.

I’m generally a very happy person so it won’t benefit me too much, although I probably would enjoy sharing both happy and positive images with the world once the world is actually using it, which could be never if it doesn’t catch on – which I can see happening as it’s more of a gimmick than anything else.

According to their ‘about’ page:

We’re inspired by research that shows focusing on the positive and sharing good things with people you care about makes you happier, healthier, and less stressed.

Big claims, yet the science behind it seems to be backed up somewhat. But is this really enough to garner the usage of the entire world and become as big as Facebook? I don’t think so.

Not so Happier

I signed up to see what all the fuss was about and I discovered a very basic site with limited features and functionality which left me less than impressed. It’s extremely restrictive in terms of usage!

I’m not entirely sure of the number of users currently using the platform, but it felt a little like a ghost town when I was trying to discover ‘happy’ and ‘positive’ content. I also bumped into numerous duplicates whilst scrolling through the latest shared moments – obvious bugs which need to be ironed out.

Is it a great niche idea? Definitely. But I won’t be using it again.

Sorry Happier! :)