A new video was recently posted on the Google Webmaster Help channel on YouTube regarding the number of links allowed on a single page following a great question from Seda in London, UK.

100 Links? Not anymore…

It has long been thought that Google would penalise a website for having 100 or more links on a single page due to the fact that it looks extremely spammy, but it no longer seems to be the case.

Matt Cutts finally clears things up in his latest webmaster help video…

Seda, from London, asks:

How many links on a page should we have? Is there a limit?

“Okay, so let me give you the background on this,” says Matt before explaining:

It used to be the case that googlebot and our indexing system would truncate at 100 or 101kb, and anything beyond that wouldn’t even get indexed.

And there lies the confusion.

It wasn’t specifically 100 links which they were cutting off at when indexing pages, it was 100 or 101kb and, as Matt mentions in the video, each link can be considered around 1kb in size.

The web changes, it evolves

Websites used to be much smaller in size, but nowadays websites are much larger and contain mountains of rich media, which means bigger file sizes that googlebot had to adapt to and begin indexing.

Matt did say, however, that pages containing hundreds of links should contain plenty of substance and unique content to balance things out otherwise it ‘could’ possibly lead you into trouble. Think of a site like Tumblr – mountains of links, but plenty of substance and great content for visitors.

Here’s the video: