Microsoft are at it again!

READ THIS: Bing Ready for War with Google

I was watching TV today when an advert appeared for Microsoft’s Outlook, and it made it very clear that they were the definitive mail client to use – not Gmail, which they enforced by making sure the viewers were aware of Gmail’s habit of scanning incoming mail in order to target users with relevant advertising.

I do agree that Google shouldn’t be scanning our emails, but I disagree with Outlook being the better email provider – the scanning of emails simply isn’t enough for me as I have nothing to hide.

Microsoft vs. Google

What on earth are Microsoft doing lately? They’re asking for a beating from the schoolyard bully.

The first signal of approaching war was a silly stunt I noticed last week in which Bing was telling visitors that they were the search engine of choice between themselves and Google, which simply isn’t true.

Bing are understandably jealous of Google’s domineering position within the search and email landscape – probably all landscapes, actually – but doing things like this aren’t going to win them an extra percentage of market share, not in a million years. Google are better, at everything… EVERYTHING!

Gmail Wins!

Whether Google scan emails or not, they’re still winningggggg, as Charlie Sheen would say.

Keep wasting that budget on pointless ads, Microsoft. Rock on!