Creating a website is easy, but coming up with a great name? That’s where most hit a brick wall.

It can take weeks, months and sometimes even years to come up with that perfect domain name that describes your new service or product like no other. Imagine it could be made easier…


My brother told me about a brilliant service called NameStation today – he is currently using himself.

It allows you to launch a contest to gather domain ideas for $35, from which you will get literally hundreds of great domain ideas from people all over the world. Don’t worry, though, you can choose to hide the ideas from other entrants as well as the public in order to protect that golden idea from being stolen.

You can see my brother’s NameStation contest here for an idea of how it works.

He did actually show me all of the ideas he has so far, and some of them are actually quite brilliant.

Domain Generator

NameStation don’t just host contests for great domain ideas from humans.

They also have a clever and powerful generator available which can spit out thousands of domain ideas based on the keywords you enter in just a matter of seconds with technical automation.

They have generated over 217,397,377 domain ideas to date.