I didn’t know much (if anything) about retargeting before I started working at Epic New Media.

I did know that a type of marketing existed for reaching those that had been to your website but hadn’t converted, but I didn’t know it was called retargeting (or remarketing on Google).

I was less than 2 months into my placement when we took on a new client from TOWIE (The Only Way Is Essex) who had set up her own subscription-based fitness website and I was set the task of setting up a banner-driven retargeting campaign to capture and bring back lost conversions.

Facebook Retargeting

I was a little confused about retargeting on Facebook at first as you can’t set up a retargeting campaign yourself like you can with their PPC Ads, which is slightly disappointing.

I chose to use AdRoll to set up 3 different campains:

  1. Web Retargeting
  2. Facebook Retargeting
  3. Facebook Retargeting (News Feed)

It was pretty straightforward and most ads were approved within an hour, although we did have to edit our News Feed image slightly because it contained more than 20% text – Facebook don’t allow more than 20% text (including logo) in ads. They have a nifty tool for checking your ads against this rule here.

The next task was segmenting our visitor data to retarget to, which took a couple of days to capture.

We excluded the visitors who had converted from our campaign targeting so we weren’t trying to retarget to them and our campaigns started serving impressions over the next couple of days.

After 2 weeks, we had segmented data for over 70,000 visitors.

From 200 clicks over the first 2 weeks with these campaigns, we had 137 conversions and a cool ROI (return on investment) on our spend of 4.6x which is absolutely superb and also extremely exciting.

Google Remarketing

Remarketing on Google was as easy as you’d expect it to be after using AdWords for PPC campaigns.

The first task involved choosing a campaign type (listed below) and specifying which remarketing list we were going to target with our new campaign, which was built after putting the Google remarketing tag on our clients website (similar to our AdRoll campaigns). You can find these lists under Audiences in Shared Library.

I went on to create the campaign with the following settings:

  1. Display Network only – Remarketing
  2. United Kingdom / English
  3. Optimise for Conversions

This campaign did take a little longer than the Facebook retargeting campaigns to start serving impressions across their Display Network, but this is fine because 2 weeks later we have fantastic results.

After 2 weeks, we had a list of 42,000 visitors to remarket to.

From 148 clicks over the first 2 weeks with this campaign, we had 115 conversions and an even cooler ROI on our spend of 43x which blows the Facebook retargeting campaign out of the water – big time.

Google vs. Facebook – Retargeting

These results look incredible for Google don’t they? Well, they are, but there’s more to it.

You see, AdRoll and Google are working on different bidding models:

  1. AdRoll – CPM (pay per thousand impressions)
  2. AdWords – PPC (pay per click)

The CPM model with AdRoll is definitely decreasing our ROI, which is something I will need to look at next week when I get into the office. If I can get that switched to the PPC / CPC model similar to AdWords then I think we’re going to be winning big time with these campaigns – happy client, happy days.