I saw an ad for Surfprint on Facebook today and only chose to click through as one of my friends had liked their page, and their ad was pretty compelling. Their ad image read “we are not Vistaprint”.

It took me to a Facebook App on their Page where I was requested to ‘like’ their page and asked to answer 4 simple questions before being presented with a voucher code which was worth £5 or 20 business cards. You can redeeem the code to get 20 business cards for free or use it against a larger package.

Surfprint – Free Delivery

Unlike Vistaprint, Surfprint actually give you free cards as advertised – delivery included.

20 cards obviously aren’t much, but they’re certainly a great way to sample the quality of the business cards provided by Surfprint. I ordered my 20 for free and I will update this post when I have received them with a report on the delivery time and card and print quality. I’m hoping they’re better than Vistaprint.

Updated – 6th December

I said I would update this post once my business cards had arrived, so, here it is!

My free Surfprint business cards arrived a couple of days ago and, although I have no use for them at the moment, I’m just happy to see a competitor who offer something better than Vistaprint and actually follow through with their offer of free business cards AND delivery. It’s quite refreshing!

Here’s how they arrived:

Surfprint Business Cards

I’ve ordered from Vistaprint before, but the experience was nowhere near as enjoyable as it was with Surfprint.

They have a mascot called Pete who runs things around there, and it just adds that little personal and fun touch to your designing and ordering experience, which I appreciate. It’s brilliant.

So, if you’re in need of a new batch of business cards – try Surfprint.

Thanks Pete! ;)