That happy and family-filled time of the year is fast approaching, and I’m getting excited.

I have a couple of days left in work and then I break up on Friday for just shy of 2 weeks – I love work, but I also love spending time with my family, and a bit of time to work on my own websites doesn’t hurt either.

Christmas Traditions

Everybody has their own Christmas traditions, and mine are very simple.

Every Christmas, I MUST watch Home Alone and The Snowman (not the new one, though) and, if I have the time, Jingle All The Way. For me, Christmas isn’t the same without watching these.

The entire family usually comes together at my Grandma’s house where all of the presents are lay out in their specific places, which are the same every year, and we open all of our presents together before we head home or to see other members of the family for our BIGGG and tasty roast dinner. Yummy!

We used to all have dinner at my Grandma’s house, but she’s a bit too old for all that cooking now.

John Lewis Advert

You must have seen this advert by now – it’s bloody brilliant.

It features Lily Allen’s ‘Somewhere Only We Know’ track, which is lovely, by the way. It’s great to hear some new material from her as I thought she had given it up and took a permanent hiatus.

On a very un-festive note, did you hear how much John Lewis spent on producing and distributing this advert? They spent an eye-watering £1 MILLION on creating the animation and £6 MILLION marketing it to the world – crazy, but it worked for them and it now has over 11 MILLION views on YouTube alone. Excellent.

Here’s the John Lewis video:

Christmas is nearly here – yippeeeeeeee! :)