A new video was posted on the Google Webmaster Help Channel on YouTube today with a response to a great question about guest blogging from someone who calls himself ‘Google baba’.

For those who are unaware, guest blogging is primarily used by marketers to build backlinks to their website by providing value to another website in the form of a blog post. Many sites allow high quality guest blogging submissions, but there are many lower quality sites allowing anyone to submit them and some even charging for submissions which leads to lower quality content being published.

Guest Blogging Risks

Like anything else, guest blogging is being abused – there’s no doubt about that, but are there risks to doing it on a smaller scale or as part of a wider marketing strategy whilst providing real value?

Google baba, from Mumai, India asks:

I predict that in the future Google will penalize guest blogging sites. Any insights on guest blogging as spam?

Matt briefly explains how each time they make a video about guest posting, skepticism grows among webmasters and it’s clear that there is a lot of low quality guest posting going on.

He also says:

I wouldn’t recommend that you make it your only way of gathering links. I wouldn’t recommend that you send out thousands of emails offering a guest blog. I wouldn’t recommend that you offer the same article on two different blogs, or spin them.

Guest Blogging is Link Earning

It’s safe to assume that guest blogging is still a great way to earn links, when done the right way. You can’t keep pumping out low quality content and expecting results – it will end eventually.

Like Matt says in the video, links should be earned by providing great value to the website you’re writing for – links should, ideally, be give on merit or editorially – probably not the case 99% of the time, but in a perfect world it would work that way. Always target excellent sites and produce compelling content.

  • Don’t guest blog on a large scale
  • Don’t use any type of automation or spinning
  • Don’t post the same blog on more than one website
  • Always write great content which provides human value
  • Always guest blog as part of a wider and more varied marketing strategy

Here’s the video: