You might recall a post I wrote back in October, in which I embedded a tweet from Matt Cutts which was a reply to a question about the possibility of a PageRank update before 2014, to which Matt responded “I would be surprised if that happened.” Sounded as good as a definitive no to me, but it wasn’t.

PageRank Finally Updated

This morning, the Google team were doing some work on a different backend system and decided to do a PageRank update along the way, which Matt later confirmed on Twitter.

Matt Cutts sent this tweet out today:

PageRank Obsession

It’s been over 10 months since the last Toolbar PageRank update and nobody was expecting another until 2014 after what Matt said in October. I’m not really happy about this update, though, because the sheer number of people obsessing over the metric annoys me a little. It’s ridiculous!

If people spent as much time focused on their content, user experience and relationship building as they do obsessing over a metric called PageRank then I think they would easily produce a winning website.

Don’t chase PageRank – focus on great content and a great user experience to become a winner.

Are you happy about this latest PageRank update?