Do you like the post picture? It’s Mr. Happy, also known as me! :D

I may grow up one day. Probably not. Anyway…

The 28th of this month will mark 5 months at Epic New Media and so I thought it would be quite interesting for me to post about my time there and things I have learnt thus far. It’s still very early days, of course.

I love working at Epic – they’re doing great things for clients and working on a brilliant analytics product which I believe, once perfected, will become a globally recognised and vastly utilised analytics tool. I feel quite lucky to be doing something that I love so much, something I continue even when I get home from work.

Epic Agency – Things I’ve Learnt

Even though I have only been here for a short while so far, I have learnt many things already and know that there are still a million and one things for me to learn, which is very exciting for me as I love learning.

The great thing about an digital agency is the team – everybody has different skills and qualities which you can pick at over time, and it’s a great way for you to learn that little something new each day which may come in handy with that next project, or just help to improve your overall digital knowledge.

Clients & Communication

This is probably the biggest one for me, and something I’m still getting to grips with actually.

6+ years of working alone from home didn’t do me any favors as I didn’t deal with any clients at all during that time. I simply did my own thing and didn’t have anybody to answer to, nobody to disappoint or upset.

But now I have to make sure that I’m constantly mindful of exactly what I’m doing and how I’m doing it, and always prepared to communicate effectively whilst managing expectations – something which I have always found difficult and likely always will. I’m simply not a big, or good, talker and never will be.

I can communicate fine with the written word (I think) but even then, there is a proper way to speak to clients and that’s something I’m still growing into – I keep it real, naturally, and don’t like sugar coating.

This is something that must improve in order for me to become more successful.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Before starting at Epic New Media, I had run a couple of basic PPC campaigns for myself when gauging the potential of a new market but I had never drilled down much further than a budget and bidding.

Since being here, I have learnt about the importance of collecting data for as many relevant keywords as possible with the end goal of moving the best converting keywords into their own exact match ad groups in order improve relevancy and value. This is, of course, an on-going process!

I’m definitely still a student of the PPC game, but I’m grateful for everything I have learnt thus far.

Thanks Ian & Dan

I had 3 other interviews before my interview at Epic New Media and everybody else turned their nose up at my lack of agency experience. Thankfully, for whatever reason, Ian and Dan chose to give me a shot and I will be forever grateful for it – I still have lots to learn, but I’m pleased with the direction things are moving.

I’m an SEO guy so it’s great to have been given the chance to do something I love whilst also learning many other aspects of the digital marketing landscape, including PPC on another level.

Cheers guys!