My girlfriend and I have been through two pregnancies back-to-back in the last 2 years – our first daughter, Pixie, was a stillborn after an unfortunate knot on the cord. That was easily the most traumatic thing either of us will ever go through, but here we are just over 12 months later with some beautiful news.

Pixie now has a beautiful little sister to watch over. I’m so incredibly happy!

Poppy Rogers is Born

On Saturday, February 1st 2014, Nora (my girlfriend) and I welcomed our second daughter, Poppy Rogers, into the world – she arrived at 11:10am at a healthy weight of 7.7lbs via emergency cesarean section.

I was hoping that the birth would be trouble-free but Poppy had other ideas. Little madam!

Labour & Delivery

Nora was in terrible pain so we asked that one of the midwives break her waters when she was about 9cm dilated. We knew this could speed things up and make it more painful, but that’s what Nora wanted.

That’s when we ran into a bit of trouble – after about 30 minutes of pushing with contractions, the midwives realised that Nora wasn’t yet fully dilated and baby was beginning to become distressed. I watched the monitor as baby’s heart rate dropped, and I became worried, but tried to hide it. It was hard.

I suddenly had flashbacks of 12 months prior when we lost Pixie, our first daughter. Terrifying!

The doctors did a couple of tests to see how long baby could survive with her current oxygen levels, but I didn’t want to know, this couldn’t happen to us again and neither of us wanted to risk it. We thought a cesarean section, no matter the risks, was the right thing to do at that moment in time. They took Nora off to have her epidural injection and I threw my surgery clobber on and waiting for them to collect me.

I wasn’t scared about the surgery, but I was terrified at the prospect of losing a second baby and anything going wrong for Nora as she’s had enough bad luck over the years. It’s simply not fair.

Despite all of my worries – the surgery couldn’t have gone better and a tiny yet completely healthy little girl, who we named Poppy right away, arrived to greet us. Nora and I were completely overjoyed and, after cutting the cord, I held her next to Nora for around 20 minutes as they stitched her up. It was all so surreal.

Adjusting at Home

Since returning home from the Hospital, we’ve been trying to get Poppy into a routine whilst also trying to get used to her random outburts and current random feeding times throughout the night. It’s not hard, but the sleep deprivation certainly catches up to you quickly. But we expected that, of course.

We’re moving into our first home together on Saturday which will make things much easier and that’s when we can really start to get into a proper routine ready for my return to work on Tuesday (11th February).

Poppy is doing great – she’s feeding well and enjoys singing Opera music during the early hours.

Nora is doing great, too – her tummy is healing well after the surgery and she’s trying to rest as much as she can although she insists that she does move about and get involved. Mums eh!

I’m a Daddy!!!

It all still feels a little strange to me at the moment – I’m actually a Daddy!

I’ve waited for so many years to have my own little family unit, and now I have it. It’s the ultimate and only purpose in life for me – not money, not success, not anything else. This little girl is, for now, the only thing I’ll leave behind on this planet when I leave it – nobody cares where I worked, how much I earned, who I knew or how hard I partied – all of that is nothing but empty and meaningless fluff and it doesn’t interest me.

I’m going to make sure my little girl gets everything she needs and I’m going to raise her the best that I can and I refuse to believe that anything can ever be as rewarding or exciting as looking after a tiny little human being who trusts in you to look after her and loves you unconditionally. Oh I’m a soft touch!

I love you so much Nora, Poppy and Pixie. My beautiful family.

Here are a couple of photos:

Poppy Rogers

This first picture was taken about 20 minutes after Poppy was born while her Mum was still being stitched up from the cesarean section. I kept touching her as softly as I could because I was terrified of hurting her, and I just couldn’t believe how beautiful she was. She’s going to be a heart breaker.

Rogers Family

This one was about 30 minutes following the cesarean section once Nora had been fixed up and brought back into the room my mother and I were waiting in with Poppy. She is yawning in the picture – not surprised she was sleepy after how active she was throughout the pregnancy!

Rogers Family 2

I love this picture – I think it somewhat shows just how proud I am of Nora. She’s been through 2 pregnancies back-to-back, coped amazingly well and been so brave through many obstacles. I don’t know how she’s done it, but I am incredibly proud and thankful. She’s given me the ultimate gift in life.

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