Anyone who knows me will know that I’m a huge Twitter fiend – I just can’t keep off of it, and going more than a couple of hours without tweeting something outrageous or downright pointless is unheard of for my Twitter account. But it keeps me happy, and I may even tweet something sensible occasionally!

So I have an idea which I’m going to begin putting into action.

Weekly Editions of My Tweets

I thought it would be a cool idea to do weekly roundups of my ‘Tweets of the Week’ which would be based on engagement. I know most people won’t care about seeing them but it’ll be worth it for the few that do, and I also think it’d be a good archive for myself too! Makes for interesting reading in the future.

I will post my first edition of ‘Tweets of the Week’ on Monday (10th February) and each Monday thereafter if I see it to be worthwhile. Feel free to tell me it’s a shit idea – I may ignore you, though.

Each edition will contain a roundup of my best tweets from the week just gone (Monday – Sunday) along with short explanations or stories which may add a bit more substance to the tweet – Why did I tweet it? What did it mean? What type of engagement did I see from it? etc. which could be quite interesting.

What do you think?