Call me sad and boring, but there’s nothing I enjoy more than a staying in on a Saturday night – catching some of my favourite TV in BBCs ‘The Voice UK’ and ITVs ‘Take Me Out’ with my girlfriend and daughter before enjoying an all night work session with my best mate, Rick. It’s just awesome!

It’s great for me because I’m trying to match or better my work salary within the next 3-6 months, and it’s great for Rick because he’s focused himself on becoming a web developer and is putting in the time.

You can see our set-up in the picture above. I had Spotify open when I took the picture!

Let’s Go! 10pm – 6am

Our work sessions usually begin at 10pm and will go on until either 4am or 6am.

We always stock up on the Monster energy drinks – tonight we both brought a 4-pack of Monster ‘Ripper’ to the table but I highly doubt we’ll go through all of those – that’s heart attack just waiting to happen.

We’ve only had about 3 of these work sessions thus far but I am hoping that it can now become a regular thing – I love working at Epic New Media but I also love working on my own websites like I did for so many years before ever working at a digital agency. I think that’s something I will always do for sure!

Marty – Goals for Tonight

I have a few goals for tonight – I definitely want to focus the majority of my time on Marketing Marty (this site) and a new website which I have just launched and won’t bother mentioning until it’s worth looking at.

Marketing Marty – I wanted to write a new post (this one) as I hadn’t posted one since my 1st edition of Tweets of the Week on Monday. There are also some incomplete pages which I need to finish – they’ve taken far too long and it’s about time they went live. I’m also working on a new learning section which will, eventually, be packed with information split out between many different topics such as SEO, PPC and Social Media with a table of contents to make learning every facet of a specific type of marketing so much easier.

The New Website – The new website is based on specific software products and is something I have dabbled in and made plenty of money from before – it’s a fairly easy niche. This one is still in its infancy so I’m basically just laying the foundation, ensuring that my on-site SEO and site structure is there. I will decide on a site map for required pages and features as well as a couple of blog posts to get the ball rolling.

Rick – Goals for Tonight

Rick said his goal for tonight is to source a free ready-made website design (PSD) in order to slice it, put it together (HTML and CSS) and ensure it works perfectly on desktop computers before then working to make it responsive for all mobile devices and tablets. This will be a big learning process for him!

You can follow his progress on and see how it’s coming together.