‘Tweets of the Week’ is a weekly roundup of my best , most engaged tweets from the week, posted on a Sunday for your convenience and / or entertainment as well as any relevant stories attached.

There’s nothing special about me or my tweets – I just think it’s interesting to put some of the most engaged ones together to see what makes myself and my followers tick. It’s also interesting because I’m a ‘marketing expert’ acting like a real human being instead of putting on a ‘professional act’ for clients. I keep it real.

Okay – let’s get on with this week’s edition then!

I’m a Daddy!

This first one is a bit of a cheat as I posted it on the Sunday prior to the week actually beginning, but I think it’s allowed on this one occasion (unless I do it again in future, in which case it’s allowed on two occasions).

I became a daddy on Saturday, February 1st at exactly 11:10am to a super duper healthy (7.7lbs) baby who now goes by the name of Poppy. She’s a little beauty, and I just had to share this brilliant news with all of my followers the following day. 306 favorites, 47 retweets and at least 100 replies on this one!

This just proves that everyone loves hearing of a new baby arrival.

Minion Hat on Baby Poppy

Oh look, that second occasion came around quickly! I just had to include this one – it’s so cute.

My best friend and his partner got my girlfriend and I this beautiful Minion hat for Poppy – it’s easily our favourite item of clothing of hers right now as we’re both MASSIVE fans of the ‘Despicable Me’ films.

This photograph was actually taken by one of the Bounty photographers who came around to take photos on the ward in Hospital – she was a lovely lady and, despite their bad reputation for being imposing and rude, we thoroughly enjoyed it and will be getting some of them printed in frames for our new home.

56 favorites and 11 retweets for this cutie! She deserved more, but it was midnight.

NekNomination – Frustrating Levels of Stupidity

I couldn’t refrain from posting about this after hearing a little more about it and the 2 lives which have already been lost as a consequence of this silly and irresponsible game.

For those who don’t know, NekNomination is a drinking game in which those who are ‘nominated’, usually with the #NekNominate hashtag, have just 24 hours to film themselves drinking absurd amounts of alcohol in an overly aggressive and distressing manner which is extremely dangerous and stupid.

“But you only live once!” – Yes, so do something meaningful that provides value, reward and makes people proud of you. Nobody cares that you downed a barrel of alcohol in 32 seconds. It’s pathetic!

Channel 4’s ‘Hunted’ is Sickening

I never realised that it was still so difficult to be openly gay in the world.

Channel 4’s ‘Hunted’ exposed the true extent of the problem in Russia by showing the levels of hostility that gay people face on a daily basis, and to be honest, it’s both surprising and shocking to me.

Russian anti-gay groups often organise ‘safaris’ – enticing gay men on dates, usually via social media, and then attacking them whilst asking questions about their sexuality – all of this was filmed and aired on ‘Hunted’ on Wednesday evening on Channel 4 at 10pm. Bloody awful – have to feel for all of the victims.

Bodyshockers is Shocking

If you watched the second episode of Bodyshockers on Thursday evening, you may have seen a guy who had music artist Pink tattooed on his body which somehow turned out to look exactly like Justin Bieber.

I know people actually get tattoos of the people they admire, something I’ll never understand as I’m not a fan of tattoos at all, but this one is just so unfortunate that I wouldn’t know whether to laugh or cry had I been in his position. Maybe he should have just had it covered with a sexy picture of Mr. Bean.

He tweeted his tattoo to Pink but she didn’t reply. Not surprising!

Flappy Bird Tears

Flappy Bird – the new craze in mobile gaming, was close to reducing me to tears.

Okay, not literally, but it’s SO incredibly frustrating to play and my best score still sits at a dismal number which I’m too ashamed to admit on here. I’m going to keep trying, though, but I’m not very hopeful.

It’s amazing that such a simple game can become this crazy phenomenon all over the world – it’s spreading like wildfire thanks to social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook, and I’m guessing word-of-mouth is also a contributing factor in its growth. It is apparently generating over $50,000 in revenue EVERY DAY!

Baby Poppy got Moody

I don’t think Poppy liked being woken up by Daddy for feeding. She was so cosy!

I feel so mean when I have to wake her up as she always looks so calm and peaceful, but it’s just something you have to do if she doesn’t wake us up first. She looks so very moody and cute here!

Poppy is a Poser

I know, I know – enough Poppy pictures. I can’t help it, she’s beautiful. I adore her!

My girlfriend took this picture while I was out playing Snooker, along with one of her big ‘monster munch’ feet which is so unbelievably cute. She’s going to hate me when she grows up and sees all of these!

Pole Dancing Comedy

I felt quite mean posting this one, but it just made me squeal out loud when I saw it.