Have you treated yourself to a completely free graze box yet? If not – you should.

My girlfriend and I get two Graze boxes delivered each week and we simply can’t get enough of them.

Graze – Nature Delivered

For those who are not aware of Graze – they’re an awesome company who send out tasty nibbles and snacks in a box containing four small yet overwhelmingly tasty punnets of goodness whenever you want them.

Each box you receive contains a random selection of goodness from the Graze kitchen and, after each box has been delivered, you can head over to their website and let them know which snacks you enjoyed and which ones you would rather not receive again – this is great for me as I’m a very fussy eater.

Graze Boxes are Green

They’re not actually green. They’re brown! But Graze are an environmentally friendly company.

Their boxes are made from thin cardboard which is 100% biodegradable and sourced from sustainable forests, and their punnets are made from recycled materials. Their skewers are bamboo sticks!

Claim Your Free Graze Box Today!

If you use this link right now you can get your first, fifth and tenth boxes for free.

After your initial free box, you can cancel if you wish, or you can continue to receive your Graze boxes at £3.89 each, which includes delivery. If you do continue, you will also get your fifth and tenth boxes for free!

Graze will ask for your bank / credit card details when ordering your free box, but this is only for security reasons and you will never be charged unless you choose not to cancel after your free box has arrived as they will then assume that you wish to continue receiving frequent boxes on the date you specified.