Yesterday (May 7th) marked the opening of many new CityBike stations across the City of Liverpool, with 100s more stations set to launch over the next 12 months thanks to an initiative by Liverpool City Council.

You can check current station locations, prices, etc. on the Liverpool CityBike website here.

Liverpool Bike Hire – How it Works

First, it’s worth noting that the hiring process isn’t as straightforward as I had initially thought, but I’m confident that it will become much more visitor-friendly as they roll out and get their process nailed down.

To hire a bike, there are two fees to consider:

1) Membership (annual), also known as an access fee – £55

2) Tariff / Usage – £1 per hour (daily, weekly, yearly passes are also available)

To grab your annual subscription, you can sign up online or alternatively give them a call on 0151 374 2034 for daily or weekly passes. Bare in mind that calling hours are limited at the moment – frustrating for some.

With Summer approaching, I think this is a brilliant initiative by Liverpool City Council and hopefully it’ll get many people like myself out and about instead of sat in an office all day. I’d enjoy a bike ride on my lunch hour, or even before work of a morning – not necessarily just for travelling, but to simply the stunning city that is Liverpool on two fine wheels is good enough for me. I do need a riding partner, though!

CityBike Launched by Olympic Medalist

Chris Boardman, a former racing cyclist and Olympic Gold Medalist, was outside my stunning workplace, the Royal Liver Building, for the launch of the first CityBike station in Liverpool yesterday. Great touch!