Since ManageFlitter were forced to make changes to their batch unfollow/follow features in August of last year, many users on Twitter have been struggling to grow their accounts as effectively as they once did.

Fortunately, there is a solution for those trying to grow their Twitter followers with ManageFlitter.

Mass Unfollow with iMacros

For those of you with Google Chrome, there is a fantastic extension available called iMacros for Chrome which you can install to automate your boring day-to-day tasks such as filling out forms and clicking buttons.

It works great with ManageFlitter because once all of your unfollowers have been placed in your processing area, you are required to manually click the unfollow button for each of them – in the past, ManageFlitter enabled you to unfollow all of them at once, which was unbelievably convenient for its users.

Edit Your Macro

Once you have iMacros for Chrome installed, you need to set up the macro ready for action.

It comes with some out-of-the-box demo macros and so it’ll be much easier for you to edit one of those rather than recording an entirely new one yourself. Right click a macro and then click edit.

Copy this into the macro editor:


Once that is done, you can save it and close the macro editing window. You’re now ready for action!

Run Your Macro

That was easy to set up wasn’t it? Let’s start unfollowing then.

Now all you need to do is select the macro you just edited and click the “Play Macro” button at the bottom of the window, although you may want to change the ‘Max’ field first – I usually set this to 1,000 as it will then play the macro 1,000 times and thus unfollow 1,000 twitter accounts. You can enter any number you like, though.

Mass Follow with iMacros

Of course, this macro trick isn’t just for the unfollowing of twitter accounts.

You can also use it to follow all of the accounts you have ready to be processed, but I would be a little careful with this one. I’ve never had much trouble unfollowing thousands of accounts at a time, but I’ve been suspended numerous times for following accounts too aggressively. Play it safe, follow slowly.

Here’s the macro code for following:


NOTE: Always ensure that you’re on the “unfollows” tab on the process page before playing your macro, or you could end up following people instead of unfollowing and get yourself suspended as a result.