I know, I know – it’s terribly hard to find a job. Blah. Blah. Blah. Blah. Blah.

No, it’s not, you’re just about as creative as rotten banana. It’s time you switched things up a little – pull up your sleeves and ram your talent down potential employer’s throats. Show ‘em what you’ve got.

SEO Job – How to Get Noticed

Interviews are funny – the guy in charge is sat there questioning you with a smug look on his face, and you’re simply sat there knowing that you could outrank his company whilst taking a dump at 4am. It’s amusing!

I had 4 interviews before starting at Epic New Media and I have since outranked the ones who turned me down for the keywords they’re targeting. Now that’s what you call winning – unlucky guys. It is hard for employers, though, because everyone and their nan (and her cheeky parrot) is an SEO expert these days.

Demand in Search Results

Okay, imagine you own a marketing agency – you randomly decide to search for your company name and see what’s going on in the SERPs, and sitting right below your company in second or third place is Marketing Marty with a page title reading “Company Name – Hire Me!” – that would get your attention, right?

For me, that has to be more impressive than spewing a bunch of rehearsed lines from Wikipedia. It’s also the easiest way of showing a potential employer that you know your stuff, and are confident in your ability.

If they don’t hire you from that, turn the page into a negative review! (joke, of course)

Undersell Yourself

It’s very easy to oversell yourself to a potential employer – I did it myself by telling the guys at Epic that I could become a PPC expert in a day (yes, really), but other than that I think I undersold myself quite well as I have a very wide and broad knowledge of all things digital. They still haven’t seen everything that I can do.

Underselling yourself is great as it presents opportunity for you to impress your new employer by adding value in areas where you weren’t expected to do so in your new job role. You must become an asset to them.

Think Like the Boss

Some employers may not appreciate this one with their inflated ego, but who cares? Not me.

Most employees are happy to do the bare minimum in order to collect their wage each month, but to stand out and become that asset I mentioned above, you need to play your part in growing the business.

I worked for myself (at home) for about 8 years before starting at Epic and so I’ve had to grow many sites in order to earn an income to live, and so this part comes naturally to me. I see opportunity for growth and improvement in businesses almost automatically, which is fantastic. You can pick this up, too.

Never Stop Learning & Actioning

It’s important to stay abreast of the game as the SEO industry is continuously evolving. Not only reading, but also actioning outside of work – trial and error is the best way to learn and prove your knowledge.

Employers want to hire great talent, not good talent. A “Jack of all trades, master of none” approach to life simply won’t cut it, you must be a master of one and a broader knowledge is then advantageous – if that is SEO, focus all of your time on SEO – don’t focus on winning, focus on dominating in search.

That SEO Job is Yours!

If you follow all of the things mentioned here, not only will you get a job at the agency of your choosing, but you’ll also become an asset that they can’t afford to lose – if you leave, it’s because you chose to.

Be ruthless, and listen to ‘Simply the Best’ by Tina Turner daily and know it’s about you.

Good luck – not that you need it.