I got the idea for this post from The Setup after reading a great interview from Google’s head of Webspam, Matt Cutts, and finding it to be a very enjoyable read.

I think it’s great taking a look at how other people are going about their day-to-day digital lives – what system hardware and software they’re using, what tools keep them sane and what they do for a living – hopefully it’s not just me, surely I’m not THAT nosy?

Who are you, and what do you do?

I’m Marty Rogers, an SEO expert (isn’t everyone?) and the current Head of Search at a leading Digital Marketing and Design Agency in Liverpool called Epic New Media.

I can usually be found tweeting pointless and sometimes even shocking rubbish that could potentially offend you, but it’s all fun and games at the end of the day – keeps me sane.

What “hardware” are you using?

Home: I use a HP TouchSmart IQ820uk which has a beautiful 25.5 inch screen complete with a wireless keyword and mouse. I purchased this little (or big) gem back in 2009 and haven’t felt the need to upgrade since – runs like a charm and never gives me problems.

Work: I use a Mac Mini at work, which doesn’t really do it for me. I always love it when I get home and hop back on my Microsoft Windows machine – shock horror!

And what about software?

I’m an SEO, which means I use many internet tools on a daily basis.

For my day-to-day competitor snooping, I like to use Ahrefs which provides all of the information I need for analysis, opportunity and reverse engineering.

I use Google’s Keyword Planner to find keyword opportunities whilst Übersuggest makes it easier to discover long-tail keywords afterwards. When I have a new idea, I use KnowEm which checks if your username is available on hundreds of websites. It’s brilliant.

KeywordSpy enables me to dig down into exactly what keywords, both organic (SEO) and paid (PPC), competitors are targeting to generate business. Positionly allows me to track rankings across all of my own websites as well as those of my clients – it’s the best I have used and pretty cheap. Hide My Ass is great for checking things from another IP.

Domains: I buy a lot of domains. For my .co.uk extensions, I tend to use 123-Reg and Crazy Domains. For .com domains, I have always used Domainsite.

Web Hosting: Reliable and secure hosting is a necessity. For my UK websites, I use a Reseller account from Namecheap as well as Shared accounts from Krystal, LCN, 1and1 and GoDaddy. For my Worldwide sites, I use HostGator, Just Host and Hosting24. All are fantastic!

Finally, I edit HTML and PHP via FTP using CuteFTP (at home) or FileZilla (at work) – my preference being CuteFTP by far. WordPress is definitely my CMS of choice.

What would be your dream setup?

I don’t have a dream setup. I’m more concerned about what it enables me to do so unless it automates my job for me then I’m more than happy with what I have now.

In terms of job setup – I’d like to have an office with a team of people who do nothing but design, develop and market websites in hundreds of different industries in order to generate silly revenue by providing both products and services to the masses.

I’m done! Leave a comment if you write one of these.

P.S. I don’t think I’ve ever used so many links in one post before!