Transactis are a company who offer database management, analysis and other insight services to some of the biggest organisations in the UK. They also help with fraud prevention, which is obviously big business.

I thought I would write this post after my friend, Alexander Penman-Hayes, told me about his recent experience with Transactis during an interview process he was involved in for a PHP Developer’s role at their company in Liverpool which he had applied for through AtPeak, their acting recruitment agency.

Transactis – Interview 1 & 2

Alex had his initial interview with Lee Johnson, Head of Development, and described the interview as ‘great’ and received positive feedback following it along with an invitation to a second interview. Fabulous!

The following Tuesday, Alex arrived at Transactis HQ at 14:15 ready for his second interview at 14:30.

Lee Johnson arrived a little after 14:30 and told Alex that nobody from HR was available and that he would return when he found somebody. He never returned. Instead, Lee Johnson sent Paul Taylor from AtPeak down and, after failing to introduce himself, embarrassed Alex by sending him away with the following comments:

Lee (Johnson) has unfortunately expressed some concerns over your appearance and, as a result, the company are no longer interested in seeing you or proceeding with the interview process. Sorry, Alex, but thanks for coming in.

Alex was understandably perplexed because the enthusiasm received following his initial interview was contradicted by the judgemental and incredibly unprofessional comments and actions displayed by both Lee and Paul during this process. I almost couldn’t believe it when he told me – how dare they?

Another thing worth noting, is that Lee Johnson directly asked Alex his age during the initial interview.

Transactis – The Complaint

Following his humiliating experience, Alex made a complaint to Lucy Molyneux, Head of HR, who agreed with the way Alex was dealt with during his interview process (wow) and had this to say:

I understand from Lee Johnson that when you attended for interview on Tuesday, your attire was not that of someone who had come along to try and impress the interviewers nor the CIO and that he felt that you must not have been serious about the interview process. I would expect that anyone attending an interview for any level of position within any organisation would attend in smart business attire and would be disappointed to see that a candidate had not ‘made the effort’.

Really? Absolutely disgusting.

Alex was wearing everything but a tie as it was a very warm day in Liverpool. What’s wrong with that?

Final Thoughts

I really don’t understand companies obsessed with attire. Google and Facebook get it.

Alex is an extremely skilled developer and they missed out on his skills and experience because their power-obsessed ‘leaders’ wanted to be impressed by some fabric? That really is quite incredible. Major lols!

P.S. I’d just like to take this opportunity to congratulate Transactis on becoming the first entry in the new Shit List category on my Blog. You’re welcome, and it’s a pleasure to have you here.

Transactis – Profit Through Appearance.