Google My Business, formerly known as Google Place Listing, just got a whole lot easier.

Before now, if you owned a business and wanted it listed on Google you would usually need to apply and then wait for a postcard to arrive in the post in order to verify the business address. This wasn’t ideal, really.

Webmaster Tools Verification

Great news for business owners – Jade Wang, Community Manager at Google, announced earlier today on Google’s forums that it is now possible for some businesses to instantly verify their business in Google My Business if the business website is already verified in Webmaster Tools under the same account.

Here’s what she said on Google’s forums:

Starting today, if you’re verifying a page for your business, you may be instantly verified on Google My Business if you’ve already verified your business’s website with Google Webmaster Tools. The verification will happen automatically, if applicable, when you attempt to verify a page for your business

Do take note of the bold word in the quote above. I’m assuming that ‘if applicable’ means if the business applies to local searches that throw up the map packs only. Either way, this is super cool news.

Verify First

Don’t forget to log in to your Webmaster Tools account and ensure that your business website is verified before trying to automatically verify your new Google My Business submission. This is important.

If automatic verification doesn’t work, don’t worry, just use one of the classic methods for now.