Negative SEO, depending on scale, can be dangerous for websites of any size if executed correctly.

Fortunately, most execute negative SEO badly and therefore fail in their attempts at sabotage. I’m currently feeling the wrath of a jealous competitor right now, although it has me laughing more than quaking.

Negative SEO – what is it?

Negative SEO is the act of trying to sabotage a website and its position within Google’s search results, usually by pointing hundreds and sometimes even thousands of links at a website with bad anchors such as porn and viagra in an attempt to get the website penalised and make their own journey to the top easier.

Other tactics can involve redirecting bad domains to transfer bad link profiles across and also stealing all of the content from a website and publishing it all over the internet. Desperate stuff, really.

Marketing Marty is Under Attack

On Wednesday, September 10th, I was doing one of my frequent link profile reviews and, at first glance, actually thought Ahrefs were having some trouble with their reporting. Unfortunately, they weren’t.

I’m under attack – I have no idea who it is or what their motive is, but I’m guessing it’s an SEO who lacks the skill required to hop over me in Google’s search results for a term they’re targeting. Either that, or it’s somebody who doesn’t like a piece of content I’ve written… Regardless, it’s a heavy attack.

I’ve gone from 96 referring domains to well over 1,800 and it’s STILL climbing!

What have they done?

It looks like the person responsible has purchased link blasts from Fiverr or Black Hat World which got them thousands upon thousands of links built using XRumer or ScrapeBox, or some other rinky-dink software that my nan could probably use more effectively. Some people still use this crap for their clients!

The attack began 5 days ago – they started with only porn anchors and now 5 days in I’m beginning to see some payday loan anchors appearing in my link profile – a second blast I’m guessing.

Here are my referring domains, as of today, in Ahrefs:

Referring Domains from Negative SEO

Will it work?

Unfortunately for the person responsible, probably not. They did it all wrong.

Google are not stupid. If you have a site which has been around for almost one full year and in that entire time amassed only 96 backlinks and then virtually overnight this changes to hundreds, with historically negative anchor text, isn’t that the most obvious sign of a negative SEO attack ever known to man? Duh.

I submitted a disavow file on the day when I first spotted the attack and am continuously adding newly discovered links to it in order to keep Google updated. It’s really quite easy, hahaha.

A Message for the Culprit

I suggest you spend more of your time learning effective SEO rather than ineffective negative SEO.

It’s very clear that you don’t understand Google’s algorithm, but attempting to ruin somebodies website because you lack the skill required to earn results is really quite sad. You’re a huge loser.

P.S. Here’s a great FAIL compilation: