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This is my blog – I’m going to use it to write about SEO and Digital Marketing as a whole as well as life in general.

Negative SEO, depending on scale, can be dangerous for websites of any size if executed correctly. Fortunately, most execute negative SEO badly and therefore fail in their attempts at sabotage. I’m currently feeling the wrath of a jealous competitor right now, although it has me laughing more than quaking. Negative SEO – what is it? […]

After news of Robin Williams suicide broke, I was searching online to see how many other celebrities were suffering from depression – and there’s a lot. Not surprising really given the crazy lives they lead. Jim Carrey was the one that stood out for me as he has led a similar life to Robin Williams […]

It was only a matter of time really, wasn’t it? Secure connections are the future. Once Google committed to secure searches (HTTPS) in 2011, which stopped keyword data from being passed into analytics tools, it was clear that they wanted a more secure web – even outside of Google. HTTPS for SEO – Ranking in […]

Blogging is huge – everyone and their nan is doing it, except you, apparently? I’m going to show you how to start a blog in a few steps that even my nan could follow. Not only that, but I will also make sure you leave this post with an idea of how you can monetise […]

Google My Business, formerly known as Google Place Listing, just got a whole lot easier. Before now, if you owned a business and wanted it listed on Google you would usually need to apply and then wait for a postcard to arrive in the post in order to verify the business address. This wasn’t ideal, […]

I’m primarily an SEO, but I also have a strong love for conversion rate optimisation as this can significantly increase the number of sales a website receives once I have driven traffic to it via search – today, I’m going to focus on the ‘add to cart’ rate with a couple of things which I […]

Magento is a fantastic platform for selling online, arguably the best, but there’s one thing that has always left me frustrated as an SEO… That pesky index.php directory in the URL of ALL internal pages – nightmare! SEO Friendly Magento URLs in Two Steps Fortunately, whilst we were doing a Magento store for a client […]

One of the biggest concerns for any website owner as Google’s algorithm continues to develop is most definitely duplicate content and other potentially misleading signals which could harm their website in search results. Fortunately, there is an easy way to avoid this problem with a simple .htaccess file. 301 Redirect with .htaccess A .htaccess is […]

Helicopter Game is the most popular flash game on the internet – its simplicity and way of frustrating you into trying to beat your distance is what caused it to stand the test of time in the world of online games. I’d warn against playing this game unless you have more than a couple of […]

Transactis are a company who offer database management, analysis and other insight services to some of the biggest organisations in the UK. They also help with fraud prevention, which is obviously big business. I thought I would write this post after my friend, Alexander Penman-Hayes, told me about his recent experience with Transactis during an […]