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This is my blog – I’m going to use it to write about SEO and Digital Marketing as a whole as well as life in general.

Anyone who knows me will know that I’m a huge Twitter fiend – I just can’t keep off of it, and going more than a couple of hours without tweeting something outrageous or downright pointless is unheard of for my Twitter account. But it keeps me happy, and I may even tweet something sensible occasionally! […]

HostGator is one of the biggest, if not the biggest, web hosting companies on the planet after enjoying huge and continuous growth following its launch in 2002 thanks to their awesome and reliable services. At the time of writing, HostGator are hosting over 9,000,000 (9 MILLION) domains on their servers, which includes all of their […]

My girlfriend and I have been through two pregnancies back-to-back in the last 2 years – our first daughter, Pixie, was a stillborn after an unfortunate knot on the cord. That was easily the most traumatic thing either of us will ever go through, but here we are just over 12 months later with some […]

Do you like the post picture? It’s Mr. Happy, also known as me! :D I may grow up one day. Probably not. Anyway… The 28th of this month will mark 5 months at Epic New Media and so I thought it would be quite interesting for me to post about my time there and things […]

2013 was an interesting year for me – filled with both highs and lows, but that’s life. I’m confident that 2014 is going to be a much better year for me, though, and I’m very excited to see it through. Here are the defining moments of 2013 for me. Stillbirth – R.I.P. Pixie Rogers I’ve […]

Google have published their 2013 Search Zeitgeist which displays the top 1,000 trending searches from over 70 countries around the world for 2013, which is Google’s biggest Zeitgeist to date. Nelson Mandela is #1 Not surprising really, but Nelson Mandela was the #1 most searched person and term of the year following his death earlier […]

A new video was posted today on the Google Webmaster Help YouTube Channel, in which Matt Cutts answers a question from Gary Taylor, a webmaster in the UK, about duplicate content. Gary Taylor from Stratford Upon Avon, UK, asks: How does Google handle duplicate content and what negative effects can it have on rankings from […]

The perfect SEO recipe is extremely hard to find and even harder to implement for many, but this Infographic will give you a good idea of what you ‘need’ to be doing vs. to what you ‘could’ be doing.

That happy and family-filled time of the year is fast approaching, and I’m getting excited. I have a couple of days left in work and then I break up on Friday for just shy of 2 weeks – I love work, but I also love spending time with my family, and a bit of time […]

Do you know SEO? I just came across this Infographic whilst browsing Pinterest and thought it’d look pretty awesome on my blog, so here it is, hopefully it’ll teach you a thing or two about the tricky and murky world of SEO.