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This is my blog – I’m going to use it to write about SEO and Digital Marketing as a whole as well as life in general.

I don’t really know why I decided to post this, or why I chose the header picture I did. All I know is that this Infographic is pretty freakin’ cool – oh, and I’m never going near a vending machine again. Death is inevitable, but I’m not sure which way I’d prefer to go. How […]

You may remember this EPIC moment featuring Will Smith, his Son Jaden, DJ Jazzy Jeff and Alfonso Ribeira on The Graham Norton Show earlier this year. It was pretty incredible! I was just going through my favourited videos on YouTube when I came across this video and just had to post it on my blog. […]

A new video was posted on the Google Webmaster Help Channel on YouTube today with a response to a great question about guest blogging from someone who calls himself ‘Google baba’. For those who are unaware, guest blogging is primarily used by marketers to build backlinks to their website by providing value to another website […]

Anyone who knows me will know that I’m a BIG Snooker fan – boring for many, exciting for me. Unfortunately, I don’t know many people who actually enjoy playing Snooker in the real world, let alone for the number of hours I would enjoy playing should I be given the chance. It’s a shame! Luckily, […]

Okay, so it’s not actually a hobby, but it’s something I can do for hours without becoming bored. Vine, for those who don’t know, is an App which allows you to record six second video clips to share with the world. It’s a brilliant idea and some of the creativity on there is simply amazing. […]

I’ve always wondered why black hatters choose to sell link services on open forums, whether it be on a blog network or web 2.0 properties – the people doing so must be extremely stupid, naive or both. They’re always claiming that their super duper invincible service leaves behind no footprint and is therefore Google-proof, which […]

You might recall a post I wrote back in October, in which I embedded a tweet from Matt Cutts which was a reply to a question about the possibility of a PageRank update before 2014, to which Matt responded “I would be surprised if that happened.” Sounded as good as a definitive no to me, […]

The Gangnam Style era has been and gone, but there are still 1.8 BILLION views on YouTube which occasionally warrants a remembrance post of some sort, and mine is going to be epic. Korean Girls do Gangnam Style This version of Gangnam Style has garnered 122 MILLION views of its own, and it’s easy to […]

When I first started at Epic New Media back in August, I kept going back and forth with myself about which social media profiles I should use and link to – do I become a ‘professional’ or do I be ‘myself’. I did create a ‘professional’ Twitter account about a month into my new position […]

I just found this brilliant infographic by Fuzz One comparing new SEO vs. old SEO. It’s a great side-by-side comparison featuring all of the old SEO techniques and tactics which worked as well as how they’ve changed with recent Google updates and algorithm changes. Pretty freakin’ cool. NOTE: Please forgive my header picture, I thought […]