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This is my blog – I’m going to use it to write about SEO and Digital Marketing as a whole as well as life in general.

Oh, the infamous and frowned-upon-yet-still-popular selfie. We’re all guilty of taking at least one (or twenty) in our time using social media / networking. My first memory of a selfie, and committing that sinful act, is on MySpace many years ago. I took more than twenty, too! Selfies – are you doing it right? You […]

Microsoft are at it again! READ THIS: Bing Ready for War with Google I was watching TV today when an advert appeared for Microsoft’s Outlook, and it made it very clear that they were the definitive mail client to use – not Gmail, which they enforced by making sure the viewers were aware of Gmail’s […]

I recently changed the header image on my blog – from a random landscape filled with country greenery, to a beautiful picture of Liverpool City from the River Mersey featuring the Royal Liver Building. I think you’ll agree that it’s a very beautiful picture and great representation of what Liverpool City is all about (after […]

WordPress is the biggest and most popular blogging platform around and it’s my personal favourite due to fact that it’s easy to install, easy to use and the vast range of plugins available are simply awesome. Plugins are an easy way to enhance your blog with new features and other changes which would otherwise be […]

ManageFlitter, for those who don’t know, is a tool that enables you to manage and grow multiple twitter accounts with almost complete automation. In my opinion, it’s the the best available right now. I used it to grow my account to over 40,000 followers in less than 6 months. My followers are very active and […]

Google, the world’s most popular search engine, has grown at an average of 41% year-on-year since 2004. Quite incredible considering the company was only founded 6 years prior to this trend beginning. Google is now one of the biggest companies on planet earth, and will always be the leading search engine.

Google have added a new manual action penalty to their manual actions section in Webmaster Tools – it’s called image mismatch and it now joins a list of 10 other manual actions. What is an Image Mismatch? An Image Mismatch is, technically, a form of cloaking. It occurs when a website displays images in Google’s […]

Creating a website is easy, but coming up with a great name? That’s where most hit a brick wall. It can take weeks, months and sometimes even years to come up with that perfect domain name that describes your new service or product like no other. Imagine it could be made easier… NameStation My brother […]

Google have launched a brand new service called Helpouts which they say will connect users to experts in any field at a cost-per-minute or cost-per-helpout basis in live one-on-one video calls. “Real help from real people in real time” is the chosen strapline for Helpouts. Over 1,000 brands are thought to have already signed up […]

Bing are at it again, trying to convince the world of its superiority over Google. Earlier today, I read a post over at Search Engine Land about Bing directly invading search results for the term [google] with the message “Will Bing beat Google?” sitting right next to the search box, attempting to persuade you not […]