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Since ManageFlitter were forced to make changes to their batch unfollow/follow features in August of last year, many users on Twitter have been struggling to grow their accounts as effectively as they once did. Fortunately, there is a solution for those trying to grow their Twitter followers with ManageFlitter. Mass Unfollow with iMacros For those […]

‘Tweets of the Week’ is a weekly roundup of my best , most engaged tweets from the week, posted on a Sunday for your convenience and / or entertainment as well as any relevant stories attached. There’s nothing special about me or my tweets – I just think it’s interesting to put some of the […]

Anyone who knows me will know that I’m a huge Twitter fiend – I just can’t keep off of it, and going more than a couple of hours without tweeting something outrageous or downright pointless is unheard of for my Twitter account. But it keeps me happy, and I may even tweet something sensible occasionally! […]

I’ve always wondered why black hatters choose to sell link services on open forums, whether it be on a blog network or web 2.0 properties – the people doing so must be extremely stupid, naive or both. They’re always claiming that their super duper invincible service leaves behind no footprint and is therefore Google-proof, which […]

Signing up to websites by logging in with Facebook and Twitter is all the rage right now, but am I the only person who doesn’t like doing it this way? If there’s no option for email signup, I won’t sign up at all. I doubt that many have a problem with signing up like this, […]

Oh, the infamous and frowned-upon-yet-still-popular selfie. We’re all guilty of taking at least one (or twenty) in our time using social media / networking. My first memory of a selfie, and committing that sinful act, is on MySpace many years ago. I took more than twenty, too! Selfies – are you doing it right? You […]

ManageFlitter, for those who don’t know, is a tool that enables you to manage and grow multiple twitter accounts with almost complete automation. In my opinion, it’s the the best available right now. I used it to grow my account to over 40,000 followers in less than 6 months. My followers are very active and […]